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Vinyl Me Please Forum Closed


New member
May 15, 2019
I just wanted to post their explanation here since their forums will be deleted soon (copy from the old forum):

Hey VMP community,

You’ve probably noticed a number of changes taking place over the last few months (discontinuing curated titles, changing to media mail for domestic shipments, launching new products like Anthology, and more). This is because we’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what VMP will be when it grows up and aligning the business around that vision. And we’re not done… a few more things that we’re working on this year include:

  • Upgrading our tech platform
  • Improving the overall membership experience
  • Continuing to refine the Anthology experience
...and obviously continuing to press a lot of amazing records!

As part of this process, we’re also zooming out and thinking about the role of community as part of the larger picture, including the forum. We value the forum for many reasons: the PIF thread, the audio setup thread, the sharing and discovery of new music, and feedback on how we can make VMP better. With that said, and after much thought and consideration, we have decided to hit pause on the forum starting 5/16.

We know this will come as a loss to many of you as this community has been important to everyone within it. Community has always been, and continues to be, a large part of our long-term vision. During the pause, we’ll be spinning down the forum to give ourselves space to work on the priorities noted above, as well as rethink our community strategy as a whole. We are thinking a lot about the exact form VMP’s online community will take moving forward and plan on ensuring it is more cohesively integrated into the digital experience as well as IRL.

Cam, myself, and a few others will be active in this thread until we spin everything down at 3pm on Thursday 5/16/19, after which the forum will no longer be accessible. We sincerely hope the many relationships that have been built within this forum can continue, and we encourage you to wrap up any conversations you’re having in other threads and DMs while there is still an opportunity. Many of you are already a part of the VMP Subreddit and we encourage others to join as well.

We’re going to miss the community here. We value each and every one of you. Your continued support, loyalty, and commitment to VMP is what gives us the ability to continue to pursue this dream. This is not indicative of VMP going anywhere, and while we recognize this as a bummer, we are confident we’ll be able to do much more for the entire community in the long term.

Matt & The VMP Team

FAQs (we’ll be building this out as questions come through on this thread)

How can I give feedback about VMP?

A big benefit of the forum was the amount of feedback we got from everyone. We want to continue to make VMP better and we’ve set up this page to collect any ideas you have about how we can improve VMP (you can also see some of what we’re working on). Our product team also conducts beta tests from time to time, and we’ll continue to do this and make sure these opportunities are known to members. If you have any general feedback, or if you need help with a specific issue, use info@vinylmeplease.com.
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