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  1. McPick123

    Vmp Cafe

  2. McPick123

    Not Secure?

    Looks like we are running on https:// so it's all good.
  3. McPick123


    Rules for buying, selling and trading: 1) You may link to an ebay listing or discogs, but not to an online store. This place isn't a marketplace for commercial retailers or for users only interested in hawking their products. 2) No auctions within threads. If you want to sell to the highest...
  4. McPick123

    Please Read -- Verified / Untrusted Sellers

    As prior discussions has brought up, the internet is a fishy place. As much as we would like to find this forum a safe place to spend our money at, the truth is that even we are a bit cautious. This thread provides the service of having people take the plunge and coming back on the other side...
  5. McPick123

    A Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself, Please.

    I'm noticing a lot of new members to these boards. Perhaps we should create a welcome thread for them for the sake of making proper introductions?
  6. McPick123

    VMP Rising

    A place to discuss the new artists from the Rising series.
  7. McPick123

    Swaptions! (aka I'm not digging this ROTM, what should I swap for it?)

    I love swaption discussion.
  8. McPick123

    Unofficial May Store Thread

    It's time to carry on...
  9. McPick123

    Glitches And Bugs

    We hurried to get a functional site up and running. As such, it is going to have some bugs. Hope you can give us feedback so we can make the site as good as possible for everyone.
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