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  1. itsaaronv

    Fresh Grabs

    Gotta catch a Courtney Marie Andrews show Monday. Snagged her 2017 record, Honest Life.
  2. itsaaronv

    Best of 2019

    Y’all, here are some 2019 jams and bops that totally slap: - Late Night Feelings by Mark Ronson ft Lykke Li - Doubt My Love by Jaz Karis - Father’s Son by Celeste - The King by Conan Gray - Drink Too Much by G Flip - Up Late by Ari Lennox
  3. itsaaronv

    So They Abandoned Us?

    VMP Staff is Thanos. We’re the 50% who survived the Snapture.
  4. itsaaronv

    So They Abandoned Us?

    Canceled my membership AND unfollowed them on socials. Am I being too petty? No. But will I forgive them if they make it up to me? Also no.
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